Portuguese Society of Biomechanics

To bring together individuals and legal entities interested in promoting nationally the improvement, development and progress of studies in the field of biomechanics.


The development of biomechanics has contributed decisively to the expansion of the frontiers of knowledge.


The Portuguese Biomechanics Society aims to promote, disseminate and develop research in Portugal in the area of Biomechanics.

To this end, in 2005, the organization of regular congresses began, where collaboration between national researchers is enhanced and student participation encouraged to ensure the growth and renewal of this scientific area.

Participation in these congresses reflects the great progress that research has made in recent years.

SPB was registered on 4/7/1989 under the name of Portuguese Society of Biomechanics and Biomaterials and became Portuguese Society of Biomechanics on 9/17/2009.

SPB was accepted at the ISB – International Society of Biomechanicsin July 2009 (XXII Congress of ISB) and was accepted at ESB-European Society of Biomechanics in March 2015.